2015 Fall Focus

Gordon Jones, Ph.D Scott P. Greiner, Ph.D Ben Williamson Wade Shafer, Ph.D
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Welcome Message:  Bob Lanting, Chairman,  Opening Comments: Russell Redding, Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture

  Video Presentation
Wade Shafer, Ph.D.,  EVP, American Simmental Association   Video Presentation
Gordon Jones, Ph.D., Red Hill Farms/former Professor of Animal Science, Western KY University  PowerPoint  Video Presentation
Daren R. Williams, Senior Executive Director of Communications, The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association PowerPoint Video Presentation
Ben Williamson, Animal Science , PA State University  PowerPoint  Video Presentation
Michael J. Baker, Ph.D., Senior Extension Associate, Cornell University PowerPoint Video Presentation
Jackie Atkins, Ph.D., Director of Science and Education, ASA              PowerPoint Video Presentation
Lauren Hyde, Ph.D.,   Lead Geneticist International Genetic Solutions PowerPoint Video Presentation
Scott P. Greiner, Ph.D., Professor of Animal & Poultry Science, VA Tech             PowerPoint Video Presentation
Alex White, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor Dept. of Dairy Science, Virginia Tech and operator for A. White Enterprises    PowerPoint Video Presentation
Frank Lucas, US Congressman and member of House Committee of Agriculture     Video Presentation
Jackie Atkins, Ph.D Lauren Hyde, Ph.D Michael Baker, Ph.D Alex White, Ph.D  
PA Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding and Tom Vossler Wade Shafer, US Congressman Frank Lucas, Bert Moore, Tom Vossler
Linda Kesler and Chairman Robert Lanting Doug Parke and Cliff Orley
Fred Schuetze and Tim Smith Chairman Bob Lanting delivering welcome address
Keynote speaker Daren Williams  

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